Sunday, November 22, 2009


So this is my first try at the whole blog thing.  In all honesty I kind of think blogging is a little narcissistic...but after some more thought...I guess it has its advantages.  The main one being that it replaces my non-existent journal.

So Krista and I discussed a "blog" during a walk/run in Oregon a month ago.  It was about a week after I proposed and I secretly think that she had been patiently awaiting my proposal just so she could start a blog.  I think this means that now we can move on from our single Facebook "friends" to "blog stalking" new married friends in hopes that they will "follow" us and accept us into their very exclusive culture.

Tangent: Where did that stupid word "blog" come from anyway?  I'm sure I could google it and get some sort of explanation...but I don't really want to know...I won't think it is less of a stupid word if I actually knew where it came from.

Right or seems to me that all married couples love to get together and play games.  Although I may be a bit apprehensive about making new married friends...I am not concerned about my future teammate in all things competitive.  It has come to my attention that people view me as a competitive person.  Good thing I have Krista (who most have agreed is even more competitive than I am) to deflect all the negativity associated with being "too competitive".  We just had a competitive outing last week to play tennis with/against Scott and Carly.  It turned out to be a tie....we let them win the first set.

So if you've gotten to this point you may be asking...why isn't he spending every waking moment with his bride to be?  Well let me tell you.  Krista Martin is way more interested in The Real Salt Lake than she is in hanging out with me and left me for Seattle and the MLS Championship Game.  In turn...this leaves me sitting by myself on a Sunday night writing a blog crying on my back-lit keyboard...and explains the picture above. :(


  1. welcome to the blogging world krista.. it's about time, eh?

  2. 1. Why am I not on the "Indians we Like" list? I am actually 1/32nd Cherokee, so if you could just fix that, that would be great, thanks.
    2. Krista said that the RSL victory was the single greatest day of her life. Ever.