Tuesday, December 15, 2009

starting and staring and loving the man in the mirror

Blogging consistently is a difficult thing to do. Blogging consistently and making it interesting? Nearly impossible. I have realized that a greater sense of narcissism is required to keep the readers coming back (readers being well, John and me) so I’m committed to escalating the self-adulation. That and I swear once I finish the third (and forth) season of The O.C. I’ll be much more committed and focused, but you know, priorities. The real news is I’ve succumbed, joined the forces, bowed down to the man and let him slap me across the face only to write me a check. I got a job. And it’s wonderful. It’s actually a dream, well sort of. Stuffing envelops, answering phones, updating the books is not exactly the American dream but working for someone who is not delusional, dishonest, and all the negative qualities of Michael Scott is certainly a breath of fresh air. The organization is One Heart International and it epitomizes what humanitarian work should be. That and my boss is a saint. She is pure goodness. Seeing what she has accomplished by 50 makes me want to roll over and die. And how did she start One Heart you might ask? Oh, well the Dalai Lama personally asked her to of course, same old same old. Anyway, it feels good to be contributing something to society again – not that you have to have a job to do so, it’s just I have to have a job to do so. So farewell pilates at 3 in the afternoon, so long spontaneous trips to Oregon for weeks on end, goodbye hours of wedding blog surfing, nice knowing you midmorning bike rides. Hello self-righteous attitude toward everyone who doesn’t have a job and immediately forgetting how effing difficult it is to get a job and that it was only by the grace of God that I landed mine. I’ve missed you so. To me!

...and the children

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