Thursday, July 15, 2010


After the Wasatch Back, John and I took a quick trip up to Idaho to do some shiz for the Dirty Dash Boise, see the fam, and get a little R&R before John ditched me for Mexican gold (ps, he's back now safe and sound and yes he has the gold disease). Idaho is pretty awesome and every time I head up there, it gets more and more awesome. John's sister Lara lives in Emmett with lots of land and animals and beauty and whenever I'm there I always think, "this is what living is all about."



Beauty (notice the jeep covered in Dirty Dash advertising? Yes, we are now those people - I swear the Red Bull car always waves at me whenever I pass it.)

Next we headed to Boise to see his sister Jenny and the bight lights of the big city. While John was shmoosing up some big wigs, I went for a little bike ride through downtown and I must say, the folks there are so friendly. People kept saying good morning to me, waving, starting up conversations out of no where and then on the way home my chain popped off and a nice young man who was riding the opposite way turned around to help me put it back on. So thank you Idaho, you are so pleasant.

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  1. Krista! Did you know that I lived in Boise??? (well Nampa actually) I'm going to assume you didn't, because I'm SURE you would have popped in to say hello! I love your blog lady! So fabulous. Anyways, I would love to see you and meet your man... next time you are in the neighborhood gimme a call! (#801-712-3335) Love ya!