Monday, July 26, 2010

Causey Cares

We hit our 3rd annual Causey Reservoir canoeing trip and it was the best trip yet. It was a complete success, however coordinating 3 carloads of people who all leave at separate times to get to a last minute spot where there was no reception and you have to canoe to in the dark could have been disaster town but was easy breezy town.

The row in was awesome - so still and quiet until some loud mouth beavers started circling the boat (ps the beaver is Oregon's state animal) which was sweet.

We found a cool split-level campsite that came ready with fire pits, riverfront property, and a grave site for Tommy, uh...

Night time made for great hotdogs, jumbo marshmallows, and a dividing conversation on space travel vs. everyday travel. I won't disclose who came out the intellects and who came out the losers since it should be fairly obvious (quote "I would take Jazz season tickets over a free trip to space" said by loser). By the morning we buried the hatchet, or at least left it on the ground, and made our way around the reservoir jumping off rocks, swimming in circles, and practicing crew.

Five in one canoe was just about the limit

I stood right up there and jumped off. It might look like it took me 20 minutes but that's just the angle.

As we were standing around, setting up for this picture, Greg was talking about doing 'the gallop' which was essentially jumping from one rock to another and then just landing into the water. We were all against it due to high levels of danger and stupidity. The young man who took this picture was listening to our unanimous agreement on the situation, snapped the shot, asked us a few more questions, and then mid sentence did the gallop with a flip twist right into the water and than just swam away. That guy will live on in your memories for years to come. It was like a big suck it right in our faces - we looked like darn fools. Gotta love the locals.

And with that we hit the Burger Bar and called it a weekend.

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  1. Cliff Jumping at Causey...c'mon Krista! Are you always trying to rub it in??? Many a times, we would go there and share in the same festivities. So fun. I mtn biked (with baby in trailer) Peavy today and picked a load of raspberries yesterday...hopefully that is a little bit of OR to give you for the little bit o' UT you gave me. memmmooorrrieees....