Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Ground.

John turned 31 the day before the Dirty Dash which meant he spent his special day setting up walls, inflating a 600lb slip and slide, and digging ditches. Fun! Luckily the twin came out for the big event so that was certainly a consolation prize. I would have been pissed if that's how I spent my big day, but John claimed he liked it so that is all that matters. Plus Alyssa made him a dirty dash pig cake which I failed to document so use your imagination. or don't because it was ridiculously realistic. Sooo after the dirty D (see what I did there?) was behind us, I secretly orchestrated a team of friends to join in a surprise skydiving jump. To be honest, this was more for me than John. I thought John would like it but I KNEW I would love it. So decision made. The ten of us made our way up to Ogden with John still in dark as to what the celebratory events were to be. We arrived and the adrenaline was pumping. I assumed we'd have some class to attend, skills to learn, and risks to understand but apparently there was no time for that.

Firstly, We signed our lives away

Secondly, we were army rushed into the 80's, I mean these jumpsuits.

And after a beautiful plane ride up and a lot of questions to my tandem guide like " there anything you want to tell me about this?" we jumped and it was everything I was hoping for. Watching John take that step out of the plan and get sucked down was awesome. However it was nothing like stepping out yourself. Mentally thinking about the free fall was so interesting. I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Once the shoot was pulled it was a easy ride to the ground. but then I felt my face and it was covered in slobber. it was gross. but then I thought about it hitting my instructor and that made me laugh.

It was a grand success. and John loooved it so double success.

and Natalie was there!

Team Adventure.

But the truth is, I'm so happy john was born. clearly. I have found the more time I spend with him, the more I think he's really awesome. I keep finding all these qualities he has that I am so lucky to be married to. I love him and wouldn't trade him for anything except maybe a big bag of gold. but when he found out that's what I would trade him for, he went down to Mexico and mined gold himself just so no trade would ensue. I really love this guy.

Happy Birthday John. You're stuck with me and I hope that's ok.

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