Saturday, April 9, 2011

Better Birth Bed and Bath

So we've been seeing a midwife since the news of the impending bundle of joy since the plan is to have a water birth at a birthing center instead of going to a hospital. Today we got to see the newly renovated facility and it's a beaut. It makes me a little more excited about the labor process but still a little sick to my stomach knowing all the pains will be mine to feel and remember. But we aren't dwelling on that quite yet.

While I've never been of the bath philosophy (sitting in a pool of your own filth should not be considered a method of cleansing), I am looking forward to sitting in a jetted tub of my own bodily fluids until baby pops out and takes her first swim in the shallow end.

and then to my recovery room...

Anyway the place is sweet. It's an old house converted into a few examination rooms, a classroom, and birthing suites and all the midwives and assistants are abnormally friendly. So far we've been quite pleased with this decision and I don't see regrets looming in the future.


  1. birth in the bathtub: it's the homeless thing to do! ah, man, that last post had me laughing a LOT. OUT LOUD.

    but seriously, you smart to choose natural birth. and that birthing center looks beautiful. i don't see any regrets coming your way either.

  2. best. decision. ever. you're a champ.