Thursday, October 29, 2009

the birth

It started with a chase, led to like, turned into love, which has recently transformed into an engagement which naturally means the next step in life is a blog. I use to think that rings, wedding dates, and a color pallet solidified this significant level of commitment but apparently 'I Do' comes second to 'I Will' start a blog with you. Huge. I mean, the internet isn't going anywhere, it will last long after death and destruction. John made me swear that i wouldn't let it fade, dwindle, and die. I naturally assumed he was referring to our love (gross, our love? gross) but no, he of course was referring to the blog. Well, no promises (side note: I have found myself repeating that phrase quite often since dating john, always followed by 'you never know what could happen' - he says he loves it but the single tear may suggest otherwise, i think i'll continue to say it) but i'll give it a shot because who better than the www to help me express my unwavering sense of commitment. That and I am completely unemployed. To us!

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