Monday, November 2, 2009

The Slash to my Rose

Halloween. The holiday where societal norms are thrown out the window. Boys are applauded for looking like women (ps, boys dressing like girls for Halloween are like mustaches - thoroughly overdone, unless you are over 55, then it's hillarious!), girls are congratulated on how little clothing they can wear, and parents continue to send convoluted messages to their children (and by 'don't take candy from a stranger' i really mean, take as much candy from strangers as you can - whether they offer it or not; and while we're at it, go ahead and jump in their van, they probably are going to Disney Land after all). And I look forward to it every year. My 6 year streak of goth and goth variations (cheerleading goth, jock goth, the BYU modest goth, etc, etc) was broken when it was realized that i had a little Lindsey Lohan in me and a bf had a LOT of Sam Ronson in her.
However, I discovered this year (alright, i've heard it for years but finally accepted it this year) that i'm a little less Lindsay and a little more Axl. Actually a lot Axl - we have the same body, hair, and unfortunately..face. In my defense, i'm much more an '84 Axl than a 2005 Axl but in reality, that just makes me dread my visual future even more.

This all started when John and I were driving to Tahoe in May and it hit him, "you look like Axl." So sweet. So naturally, John was totally the Slash to my Rose. True love.
Needless to say John's favorite part of the night was looking in the mirror (sidenote: john is still unaware that this blog has begun so the jabs will continue to be uncontested. As it should be.


  1. i'm proud to be an american! but most importantly samster ronson.

    ps, this blog has potential