Monday, November 9, 2009

the consequence of swiping.

except when people steal things. then there is only one perspective to be had.

I've been the victim of various accounts of theft. In africa, my daypack was stolen containing my ipod, camera, wallet, only jacket, favorite pair of pants, etc, i've had 2 bikes stolen, my car stolen, oh and my house was broken into a year ago where the thieves made off with all my electronics, jewelry, and so forth. The point is, people who steal should get their hands cut off. It's just that simple. I found this picture a couple days ago which we took right before i left for Uganda. I had taped the polaroid to the inside of my journal which, consequentially was stolen in Africa as well. So instead of reminding me of the great experiences i had there, it just reminded me of all my shiz that strangers have swiped. I hope this little Polaroid RIP's and the man who stole it RIH.


  1. Ugh. I've never seen ANYthing more DIYhipsterIndie than having a POLAROID with such a phrase taped to the inside of a journal.
    I know I just puked in my mouth. A lot.

  2. sometimes i hope someone will steal my ipod because the screen is 95% broken, it doesn't retain power, and there are only like 800 pretty bad songs on it so it's kinda like the joke's on them right?

  3. oh hey nicole barker, interesting comment coming from the girl who has a photo blog, worked at a coffee shop for 6 years, lives in hipster central downtown portland, and got a little carried away with indie flick 500 Days of Summer and found her own aspiring architect to date. Huzzah.