Saturday, December 19, 2009

Girlz Nite!!! is "Girls Night" tonight for Krista's dear friend Lindsey's birthday.  Well...I guess Lindsey is a friend of mine too...but I guess since I am not female...I am not invited to her birthday party.  Which seems kind of strange since the party is being held at MY house.  Technically this will be our house soon...and yes...I am preparing to be kicked out on occasion for "girls nights".

Honestly I think it is great that Krista has some close friends.  There are soo many girls out there that don't have any girl friends.  It is ridiculous and in turn these girls become a strain on society.  It starts by the girl refusing to let her boyfriend hang out with his friends.  She'll come up with some sort of excuse like cramps or a headache and guilt her boyfriend into staying home with her watching a chick flick.  In reality...all she wants is to make sure he doesn't have any fun without her.  Soon enough this guy turns into the least reliable guy in the world.  Guys who are unreliable and high maintenance are the bane of my existence. 

I'll explain...

Let's go back to when I was 10 years old or so.  Playing backyard football (this story also works for baseball and basketball).  It's around noon and the whole neighborhood is out.  The teams are even...we've been playing for 3 hours with no end in sight.  It is bound to be the best day of competitive sports ever and if it keeps up we will all be in the NFL in just a few short years.  But instead...that one kid (you know the one) looks at his watch and says,

"Guys...I gotta go...its lunchtime"
"Skip it"
"But I hear my mom...I always eat at noon"
"But we will have uneven teams"
"Sorry...but I gotta go"
"C'mon...wait until the next touchdown"
"I really gotta go"

Then the chain reaction...

"I better go too"
"Me too"

So in the end...the one unreliable momma's boy ruins my life.  It happens...all the time...and it is always a female's fault...and it typically involves food or guilt...which just so happen to be very interchangeable.

Anyway...back to what I was saying...I am glad Krista isn't one of these depressed girls who doesn't have any friends.  Sure...I may be kicked out of my house from time to time...better to be kicked out because we have a sweet place and she has friends than be stuck at home with a girl who only wants to hang out with you because she has nothing else to do.

So...Happy Birthday's to you!...and GIRLS NIGHT!

Oh...and this just in...girls just want to have fun.

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  1. sweet! She does have some good friends.