Wednesday, December 30, 2009

two good things

john knows a good thing when he sees it - i mean clearly, ehem, that is obvious. however, this fact was not completely realized until after we found our new place. it essentially went like this: he found the place, we went and looked at it, 2 hours later john had finally put that MBA of his to good use and successfully convinced me of the pros and we signed our lives away - well at least one year of our lives. I had only one qualification for our place - exposed brick - and the man came through. Why i was hesitant, i know not. the point is, it's ours and it's lovely.
The Kitchen (yes, you do see two full cupboards devoted to water bottles...)

The Guest Bed

Our Neighbor Trax

My Contribution
all are welcome to come over and share a cup of cheer as we silently stare at the bright lights of the gateway or throw a few harmless water balloons at the passerbyers.

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  1. Quite HS.

    Another time passer: heat up coins on your gas stove, then drop them down on the street to the bums.