Saturday, January 16, 2010

i'm late

but i figured i would post about christmas regardless. However, after 3 frisbee games, runs through the forest, lunches with old friends, great christmas gifts, lots of games, karaoke, name that running tune, a christmas pageant, chimes, all the nieces and nephews, wedding planning, the entire fam together, and 8 tons of food, the only 2 picture i have are these:

my brother lives on the edge of the forest and has become quite the night bike riding expert and whenever we come home, he takes all the boys for a ride. yeah, boys. however this time i got my chance to go and it was one of the more awesome things. my bro and my niece were on their tandem mountain bike and john and i on our own bikes. the lights used are incredible - it looks like day but with the comfort of the dark night resting on your shoulders, the clean forest air hitting your face, and not a soul in sight. The fog was so thick that when someone was riding behind you, you could see your shadow in the air, sweet beauty. Sure i've spent time on these trails before, but being there at night is like stepping into a new dimension. ohhh i loved it. oregon, you will always have my heart.

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