Sunday, January 3, 2010

trunks and genes

I'm not an artistic or crafty person. I have bad handwriting, I cut crooked, and am envious of most children's ability to draw. Combine that with the fact that I don't really have many skills and am terribly unsentimental and you get very low expectations for a personalized, homemade-ish gift. So when i saw this trunk at an antique shop in Seattle, I knew I had to come up with a logical reason to buy it, other than the fact that it was awesome, since I was unemployed and already spending way too much money on a weekend trip in support of the love of my life...uh i mean the second love of my life. Anyway, I immediately thought of three things: Christmas present, maps, john. And with that the trunk was stuffed into the back of Lindsey's car and headed for UT. John loves maps so I decided I would attempt to recreate the belly of the beast and this is what happened..

the belly

our great nation

his and her's home/current states and the narcissistic love affair

the final product

and now our new coffee table

with a natural lack of creativity and artistic genes that seemed to have skipped my DNA, i'd like to think, hmmm it turned out alright.


  1. So sad to see that Oklahoma didn't make the cut...or Albany.

    Good job on a nice gift. Looks like you guys live in a movie.

    --Mistah G

  2. Very cool. I'm not believing you about not being creative after a stunt like that.