Monday, February 15, 2010

To Fred, to Frisbee

Fred Morrison's contribution to society cannot be measured. It's too big. It would be like trying to count the stars, or Abraham's prosperity, or all those starfish that washed up on the shore that one time. He brought us the Frisbee and how glad we are that he did. More on his story can be found here . He died the other day in Monroe, Utah so naturally out of respect, we held a game of ultimate in his honor. 16 of our favorites showed up in the off season on Saturday to run around on dead grass and goose crap. It was a good day. Even though it had been months since we've played, it still felt like this

but with a wet wintery ground, I think in actuality it looked a lot more like this

I've been loving winter this year but running around with the frisbee made me crave the green grasses of summer. This is for you Fred, this is for you...

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  1. I'm jealous of your winter. But I'm afraid that when we come back to Utah my blood is going to be too thin to enjoy the snow. It'll take some getting used to.