Sunday, February 21, 2010

notice how the sun makes john look like he hates taking engagement pictures

really, it was the sun. it wasn't the fact we were sitting and walking around memory grove (the mecca of engagement, bridal, and family portraits) or that we were concentrating on our "longing eyes" or perfecting the "in love" laugh. no, it was the sun. i mean, how can a chin rest, head grab not make you want to melt into a big puddle of love? actually, it wasn't that bad. 40 minutes of john, me, and my bro laughing at how badly john sucks at a fake smile or how his attention span is around 4 seconds. garrett was awesome to do these and was a natural even though we were his first clients. oh love, thanks for being in our lives so we could capture you in these heartfelt, sincere photos (sarcasm?).

I'm guessing we will be equally bad at the posed, wedding pictures as well. we are who we are.


  1. HA HA! At least Garret get the exposures right . . . model selection, not so much . . .

  2. I think they're cute! When we got our engagement pictures the photographer would do this like chicken clucking sound to get us to laugh and it was so weird that it was funny. And we laughed.

  3. Fake laugh? But that IS what you look like when you laugh. And it's adorable.

    And I like your scarf. Wiiiiiiiiiink.

    They're gorgeous!

  4. i feel u on this. at least it seems your photographer of choice has a decent sense of humor and outlook on life. ours did not. it was the pits. i'm pretty sure he posed the groomsmen like toads in more than one shot. it was just gross.

    but for what its worth - these pics are dope.


  5. Yeah. Dave totally ruined all our engagement pictures. I'll admit it. Luckily, we worked really hard on it for the wedding ones... where I mostly ruined those... Wedding picture tip- don't glare a lot.

    The announcements- beautiful. I'm still in my own little honeymoon stage that you two are actually getting married and now I have tangible proof. So excited.

  6. I just stumbled on your blog... yay! I feel kinda stalkerish. Ah the awesomeness of posing for engagements! We only got one semi-decent one out of the hour. Love!