Friday, March 12, 2010

To Tahoe!

Last year, John and I went to Tahoe and it looked like this

and talked like this

and felt like this

Last weekend we went to Tahoe and it looked like this

just kidding - that's the great salt lake. A lake that has a much different water purity level and smells much much worse.
Her cold beauty

and this time it played like this

and crossed country like this

and then he dropped his hat

and then we posed

and swung

and then we peaced the H out

Oh Tahoe how I love you

please don't let my sister move and plant new roots in Nebraska.


  1. You do know real Cross Country Skiers, AKA Nordic skiers, do not wear goggles, right?

  2. You do know you're putting together one of these ridiculously beautiful people, perfect couple blogs, right?

  3. Dear Anonymous (aka one of John's loudmouth friends/twin brother), pictures may tell 1000 words but that doesn't necessarily mean one can always depict what is happening in the picture. Remember how he who assumes makes an...anyway, the picture with the goggles is of us downhill skiing (aka alpine skiing) fool.