Friday, April 30, 2010

Pictures. Stolen Pictures.

Thank you Cherie for letting me steal a few of your photos.

Blue skies in Portland. God exists fools.

My big, beautiful barn. We love each other.

People mingling outside! I hope everyone fully recognizes the miracle of this.

Thank goodness for other people's ideas.

Let us eat cake. and cupcakes. except we didn't eat any cupcakes. mistake.

Moss. and more moss.

My mother, dancing.

Our team of professionals. and me glaring?

John looks like he has a toothache and my hand look GIGANTIC

Our gift to you for coming. We are even now, right?


  1. Those are lovely, now I want to see some that I didn't take. We need to plan another wedding so we can talk again, I enjoyed that.

  2. That first dance was dope. You guys are studs.