Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keep Manhattan, Just Give Me That Country Side.

We went to New York for a few days and it was hard living. eating and eating and eating and playing and strolling and observing and visiting and running and watching and a couple more ands all took center stage (awesome movie, am i right?).

We went to a Yankees game - they were playing the Red Sox. Greatest rivalry in sports history! (ps, lately everyone has been saying everything is the greatest rivalry in sports. so what is it? Yankees/Red Sox; Celtics/Lakers; Agassi/Sampras; Beavers/Ducks(!)? There should be an official committee that decides these things. Sort of like an official committee that decides what really is the worlds best cup of coffee or the nation's favorite pizza - you know what I'm saying). Anyway, don't ask us how the game ended. Literally, don't ask us. We left early which was a really bad mistake on our (john's) part.

We spent an afternoon and the American Museum of Natural History. When we got married, we decided that each year we wanted to learn a little more about something so this year we really narrowed it down and decided upon space. The AMNH had this really interesting film in the planetarium about the birth of stars. We were sold. We spent the rest of our time learning about the relative distance and size of planets and stars. Talk about addicting shiz. and then we found this very nice man who talked to us about meteors and gravity and then took our picture.

This was a meteor found in Oregon (wha wha) and is thought to have hit the earth during it's formation - I'm guessing it's the oldest thing I will ever touch.

And finally on my third visit to New York I finally made it Grand Central Station and my what a beautiful ceiling.

AND THEN we went to the New York Times building and it was really great. There were these walls that displayed current electronic feeds of news stories, opinion pages, interview questions, writers, and so forth. The feeds were constantly changing making this great technological sound. It was almost mesmerizing, hypnotic at times. Very awesome.

And then a screen popped up asking "how is the transition going" and I thought to myself, "really great".

We also had a great tour guide while in "The City" John's friend (now my friend too) Leslie.  She showed us some great spots and I even got a little something from the fashion capital.  However, after all is said and done, my most favorite thing New York provided us was a pick-up game of Ultimate at Central Park. My old roommate mel was a gem and let us crash with her and the husband one night and took us to their usual spot in the park with the usual friends where casual conversation turned to a casual game of toss which turned to a competitive game of ultimate. It. Was. Awesome. Funny how you can travel across the country to a city 100% different from the one you live in and the highlight of the trip is an activity you do once a week in your own backyard. For me good people, green grasses, and a dash of competition will always beat everything out.


  1. i'm guessing the air and space museum in dc is next on the list? if it isn't, it should be.

    i can't wait to show adam that wall of screens at NYTimes. that is the best! especially when it talks to you.

  2. Sox honey. Sox.

    Glad you had such a fun time!

  3. i'm glad i was part of your fav part... my friends were impressed with your skillzz on the grass yo.

  4. Hey Nat...I caught that too...I thought I fixed it before anyone noticed...you're too fast.

  5. Oh how I love Newwww Yoork! I just saw your comment on Cherie and Erics bloggy blog, and thought I would jump over to see you. We just went to NYC too. So much fun all day and all night. Oh yeah.

  6. Love this! NYC loved having you too here! Come back again soooooon!