Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Swell

For Memorial Day, we headed down to the San Rafael Swell with some very great people and it rocked the party that rocks the body - it definitely went down as a superior Memorial day. And now, here are about 100 pictures.

John and I shared a one man tent. It was...sort of awful.

The better halves

da boys da boys

Nature created this, the camera took it, but look how pretty we make it.

This part was very fun, but what was more fun was behind the camera 2 lizards were suicide diving off the side of the mountain. It was National Geographic awesome.

We had to cross this 200 year old water by walking across this branch that was on the verge of snapping with every step. we loved it...

I kept thinking we were going to see dinosaurs at every turn. and so did john, that's why he stayed behind.

And this river of gold ends our first days hike

Day 2 we hiked for hours up the side of this stupid mountain which I thought made for a pretty lame hike BUT THEN we climbed down into the canyon and got to all put on matching wetsuits which regardless of what came next, i thought made for an awesome hike!

This was cool

And this was cool

I really wasn't as miserable as this picture makes me look. It's probably just a bad angle.

Although THIS picture probably doesn't make me look as miserable as I was, it was makes you want to throw up cold.

But the 100 degree weather while climbing up the mountain and the 30 degree water we swam through was all well worth it. Props to Chase our fearless scout leader. I love southern Utah in my life.


  1. Very interesting...these pics make me miss my UT homeland ever so much. Can we just live vicariously through each other...I will hit the tree-lined trails and beach for you and you can ski the slopes and take in all the red rocks for me?
    Personal Training Summer 2010 - ah yeah!

  2. Wow. What an awesome looking trip!

  3. Ugh, do I have to get married to be invited on such adventures?