Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ragnar Take 5 and 6

So John and I finshed our 6th and 5th Ragnars (respectively) last month and I think we are both fine calling them our last...well maybe. This year, however, we mixed it up a bit and put together 2 teams to add some additional competition (surprised?). We also created His and Her vans which girls van loved but boys van thought was dumb. go figure. Anyway, another day another 200 miles.

The great thing about girls van was we had all the trashy magazines we wanted and no one to judge us for it and then steal them to read.

The main difference between girls van and boys van (well and men and women in general) was while we all would get out of the van during exchanges to cheer each other on, provide water, and talk about how great they did, the guys would just continue sleeping and maybe toss them a bottle water from the bed of the truck. Lucky for Bob, we caught up just in time to provide the assistance one really needs when running up a 4 mile, 1500ft climb, when it's 90 degrees outside.

After 185 miles of trying to beat out the other team, our final two runners ended the relay crossing the finish line holding hands with the rest of the 22 of us following behind cheering. It was a great decision.

I was kinda dreading this one - being out of shape makes you feel that way. Also, let's face it, the novelty has worn off by now. However, being in a situation like this creates bonds that other activities are unable to do. I'm so glad we did it and freak, if someone puts a team together next year I won't be surprised if I say sure.

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