Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gold vs Love

So I have turned into the worst blogger in the world.  The only thing I hate about blogs are when people let them die.  Fortunately Krista has done a pretty good job keeping ours alive.  But...I'm back...kind of.

A lot has changed since I wrote last.  I had a divorce with Ragnar.  Well...I thought it was a nice break up...but recently it has turned into a divorce.  I got word last week that they (Dan) want to sue me.  C'mon!  It won't hold up...and I doubt they will...but still. I've been planning on starting a Mud Run in Utah since...well...ever since I moved back to Utah.  My friend Wyatt and I tried to route one about 3 years ago but it never happened.  It was a big reason I took the job with Ragnar.  I just wish I had realized back then that it really isn't that hard.  Of course I am saying that before I have actually put on a race...but...we have a website...have done a bunch of marketing and have over 100 people running so far....that's something right?  Oh and did I mention we are doing a race in Boise too?  The race is called "The Dirty Dash" and I'm pretty proud of it. Check it out if you like The brand looks great with the thanks to boredom in church and Phil Smallwood.  The website looks great thanks to Easton Harvey.  The company is moving forward thanks to Jeff Harps.  The first race is at Bogus Basin on September 18th and the second one is at Soldier Hollow on September 25th.  Here's to hoping they are good.

So since investing all of our money into this...I have to pay the bills somehow.  Fortunately Steve has an entrepreneur father-in-law and he let me come down to his gold mine in Mexico to help him mine some gold.  Crazy huh?  It is so great because if I could pick one time and one place to live it would be during the California Gold Rush.  My dream has come true...only it is in Mexico and I have to be away from Krista to 2 weeks.  I love my wife...but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to mine some gold now could I?

So obviously this is the reason I am writing.  I am in a trailer in the middle of nowhere Mexico on a Saturday night and Krista is rafting with friends in Jackson Hole.  One week to go.  Happy 4th of July!


  1. Based solely on the amount of ellipses you use... I think we'll be good friends.

  2. How lucrative is mining for gold these days? Though I'm glad to see technology hasn't tainted the sluice method. I'm hoping you got a good two weeks of miner jokes in.

  3. This really is one of my favorite pictures... I guess I just love the fact that I know that John has always wanted to live in the year 1849.