Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Krista...and me.

So for Krista's Birthday we ended up making it last a week.  She didn't mind...those of you who know her...know that she is really really into Holidays.  Me?...not a big deal...but it's her deal so I guess I'll conform.

I had these things in the works for a while and keeping them a secret is very difficult with a snooper around...I have to say...she did do a good job restraining herself.

First...we did a slip n' slide after to come later.  Everyone had a blast and we even had some cupcakes.  Everything was great...except for one little concussion...sorry Miaken.

The next morning Nici gave us a ride to the airport where we were off to SUNNY SAN DIEGO!...not.

It turned out to be the two least sunny days of the summer...but we salvaged the day by getting some breakfast at Pipes and heading to opening day at the Del Mar race know..."where the surf meets the turf"?

So Opening Day is an interesting experience.  All the girls dress up super classy (slutty) and wear giant hats.  The guys try to look rich and they all get drunk.  It's a spectacle to say the least.

Mega Heals...Krista felt a little left out in her jeans and Tom's.
Krista told me to take these pictures...CLASSY!
These cool guys know what to do...follow the ladies...
This is a case you were wondering.
Forget the fashion...we are here for the ponies!
Krista almost won in the last race...her horse was winning or in second the whole way but was edged out at the end.

After the craziness we met up and had a BBQ with a bunch of friends are Kurt's place.  Good thing Lindsey showed up because otherwise it would've been all my friends and it would've looked like I was throwing a birthday party for me...Happy Birthday to Krista...and Me.

We spent the night at Evan and Megan's and had a nice little chat with the one of the many other newlyweds we know.

The next morning we hit the Rainbow Outlet to get Krista some new sandles...Happy Birthday...oh wait...I got some too...Happy Birthday to me again.

Then the real surprise...we were off to Disneyland!  There is just something about going to an amusment park with a girl...and Disneyland is even better...Happy Birthday Krista...and me.

Krista told me a story about how when she went as a kid.  Apparently she was a brat...I know...hard to believe huh?  Her mom wanted her to take pictures with the Princesses and Krista was just to cool for that.  These are the only characters we were able to see...bummer...but she was such a good sport.

Not an awkward shot at all.
I immediately emailed this photo to my niece and nephew...they were pretty excited.

Our first stop was California Adventure and we hit all the good rides...we went on a crappy one to get a good picture of said good rides.

 Isn't she a cute Birthday Girl?

Tower of Terror (First Time).  Pretty sweet huh?  Where are we? 

Tower of Terror (Second Time).  Notice how scared Krista is and how cool, calm and collected I am?

Did I mention this was our second time?  She knew what to expect...but was still a little baby.  Me...just chewin' some gum blowing big

We then moved our way over to Disneyland.

This is what The Thunder Mountain Railroad looks like...WHILE ON THE RIDE!

It was a great 2 days with my girl.  We ended the day at the best ride ever.

Yes...Space Mountain is the best ride of all time...nuff' said.

I may have a tough time making all her birthdays this great...but I figure I can celebrate my birthday at the same time and then I have the perfect excuse to spoil her every year.  Krista...27 will be a great year.

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