Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Age of Consent

26 sounds so young, so childish, so unwise now that I am 20 days into my 27th year. Whenever I hear someone say they are less than 27, I instinctively want to bend over and pat them on the head. This is how I view the aging process. No freaking out, no agony or pits of despair, no I should have-could have's, just a new condescending look on those younger than me. I don't desire to be a day younger than where I am - this may be subject to change but at this point in my life, I doubt it. I have always viewed the 26 to 27 jump one of the larger jumps. Larger than the 14 to 15 or the ever famous 29 to 30. The only contender could possibly be the 64 to 65 when you are officially recognized as a senior citizen by societal terms. However, that comes with restaurant discounts so who the H cares. However, 27 is great. I naturally feel like I have more validity and more authority. A large jump, but a great jump indeed. This being said, 26 will be a tough year to beat. A lot of greats and many firsts took place. When I turned 26 I told myself it would be the best year to date. And that it was my friends, that it was.

1. I started the year off with my college dream coming to pass - driving around in a swimming pool in the back of a truck and it lived up to every expectation we dreamed of.
2. I hit 3 new countries and got to roast marshmallows over lava (this should probably be on everyone's bucket list).

3. Got my advance scuba diving certification.

4. Went to Havasupai

5. Met the last of John's family to meet in Nantucket

6. Finally made it to our nation's capital

7. Got engaged

8. Witnessed the greatest sports event to date - RSL victory (nicole barker photography)

9. Spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family
10. New job
11. Brought a boy home for Christmas
12. Cross Country skied for the first time and rocked it

13. Downhill skied for the first time since middle school and ruled it

14. Married

15. Hawaii with just my sweetest sweet

16. Moved in with a boy
17. New job
18. First time to Disneyland since I was 12
19. First gambling rush
20. First time floating in the Great Salt Lake

Every year brings more to be thankful for, more to be excited about, and more that has been discovered so why regret our age? Why be shameful of the glorious amount of time that we have been able to be on this earth? When you look back, nod and pat yourself on the back and then turn around and sprint forward and grab and give as much as you can. 27, you have a lot to live up to but I think we are already off to a good, healthy start.

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