Friday, September 10, 2010

The Thrill is here

I feel like I have somewhat of a bipolar relationship with music - one minute I'm starving for something new and feel like I need a good couple hours every day to surround myself with sounds that shake me. Other times, I go months listening to only the radio and I'm completely fine with that (especially when the radio plays Jay Z's Big Pimpin). Part of this feast or famine is going to shows. I could go a good year without a decent show and not even realize it, then all the sudden, good live music is all I need in my life. I've had a bit of a feast lately, which fills me and then immediately leaves me hungry again.

First, Laura took me to BB King for my birthday - freaking raddest gift ever, am I right?

BB has been good to me a long time - his voice just commands attention, and you have no other option but to give it to him. He's one of those legends that should be dead but is still touring so missing out on the opportunity would have been a real shame. I've never had a musician knock me over by simply saying "hello ladies and gentlemen" but hearing him speak in person was so awesome and so familiar and felt oh so good. And hearing him play the guitar - I've never heard an instrument sing like that. I do wish he would have played longer - he kept flirting with the ladies up front which ok was awesome too but it cut into the music time. But the huge added bonus was Buddy Guy opened and the man certainly still has the old dirty blues locked into his bones. It was perfect. Next came freaking Al Green who clearly exhibits the perfect balance between soul and gospel - I didn't even care that he had no idea which state he was in - he was that good. These guys are old man, but they bring it like it was their first big break and they had to sing it to prove it. I've realized that there is nothing better than sitting on a blanket, on a summers day, in an awesome ski resort setting, with good people, good food, listening to legends freaking bring it. Here's a little taste of what BB had to offer - my camera died after 12 seconds which was really unfortunate...

A Little BB from Krista Martin on Vimeo.

Thanks L Catch for a very memorable evening

Next, Nici and I went and saw Jenny Lewis for the 5th time. Jenny has and will always have a very special spot in my heart - even when she makes a crappy album, or collaborates with a total lush who is obviously riding her coattails and is knocking out all emotion, and diluting the songs with boring riffs and lame lyrics (I am NOT a johhny fan), she still has my heart. It was pretty cool to be right up front - and when I say right up front, I mean sitting on the stage front. It took everything I had to not put Jenny in my pocket and bring her home with me. She's got it man. But the show was fun, kind of a let down, but fun. We took advantage of the fact that we were front and center and asked her to play I Love LA to which dumb johnny said no and then proceeded to play one of HIS songs. stupid johnny. However, they ended the night with this cover and it saved the show. Probably the best live covers I've ever seen.

FYI this is the song we good, right?

and just for your viewing is one of my top favs - this song was never released and never received a name which is why we couldn't request this one...

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  1. Johnny is ruining our lives. I forgot about that last song you posted - such a good one. Add BC to the list, huh?