Thursday, November 4, 2010

And a Happy Hallows Eve

The wheels are typically spinning months before Happy Halloween hits but this year the inspiration was reduced to a drip and then a full on drought. I hate not looking forward to Halloween, especially when everyone else is set with their creativity and the horror hype. Luckily, John was in the same boat. But then he pulled out some of my old tennis shorts, a brown floppy wig and presto - Richie Tenenbaum. So 30 minutes before we were set to leave for the evening, I grabbed a cream fitted sheet and cut 2 eye holes, John threw a helmet on my head to keep the sheet in place and then finished the look with a tie, just for good measure. With a costume secured, we headed out.

It turned out to be a great holiday. So many great costumes accompanied by real commitment. I really enjoy seeing people not only in costume but character as well. I wish it was mandatory that you had to act however you dressed, a character clause if you will. But the most surprising part of the evening was the lack of girls confusing a slutty dress, thigh-highs, and some cat ears for their costume. Is society finally moving past that or do people in their 30's just recognize the absurdity and embarrassment of it all? Regardless, I like it. But I must admit, when I was riding down the elevator with a group of stranger girls in sexy "peacock" outfits and I in my old sheet and a helmet, I was glad they couldn't tell I was a 27 year old girl but probably assumed I was an autistic 13 year old boy.


  1. guys look cute.


  2. Literal LOL for that autistic boy comment. And I'm really hoping John had one sock off- unless he was dressed as pre-breakdown Richie.
    I agree that people should be in character in their costumes. One of the reasons I wanted to be Wednesday Adams was just so I could glare at everyone and be sullen. I want to tag along to whatever parties you go to next year! And I want Catchpole there, too.