Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall at Your Feet

Fall is universally understood to be the best season of the year. An ease away from the harsh heat of summer, golden splendor draped over everything, and then baby steps into the reality of winter. Fall is the transitional period between two jarring opposites. Sometimes I think I could handle big changes in my life a lot better if I knew the change would come with a Fall. But Fall is just that - a transition. It's not something to rely upon or settle into. It should be appreciated and valued but not entirely expected. However, it seems Fall was tired of playing that role this year. No longer did it want to be recognized for its two week glory but solidify itself as a legitimate season. I will go out on a limb and confidently say that this has been the best fall in Utah's history. It's November and we are still biking in shorts and a t-shirt and regretting our decision to not wear a tank top. Gold, green, and red leaves are continue to smother the trees. I went on a mid-day hike with some friends earlier this week up Dry Creek and was shocked that we were commemorating our November 2 hike by profusely sweating during our meandering walk.

I could really get use to this but I won't. I know what a cruel joke weather will play once you start taking something for granted. Thank you for staying a while Fall, please continue to make yourself comfortable.

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