Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cross Plank

John Boy and I are finishing up our second full week of Crossfit and we are rocking it, or it's rocking us. It's an exercise program of a 12-31 minute, high intense, full body workout. Usually after the workouts I come home and fall to the ground where I stay until starvation requires me to stand and ingest and then I immediately return to the ground. And then the next day I feel like I was hit by a truck which is kind of an awesome feeling. It's a good life. The best part is, the workouts are based around competing with the others in the class which duh, is the greatest motivator and then the results are posted online.

Look, I know John is clearly stronger than me, faster, and so forth so whenever I beat him in a workout or a weekly skills challenge, I can't help but slap myself on the back. Krista: 2; John: like 7. Now the reason why we started doing crossfit was due to a spontaneous event that took place over Christmas with my family (well and because we can do it for free). Somehow my my brothers and in-laws and I decided to have a plank off. The rules were simple: whoever can hold plank position the longest, wins. Really I just wanted to see how close I could get to my oldest bro. Well I went down at 5:10, he went down at 5:13, and my bro in law went down at 5:46. John and I figured after a year of crossfit we should come out victorious at the next annual plank off. Here's to hoping. Here's to Christmas. Here's to Crossfit!


  1. wow ... maybe I'll go ahead and when next year. I think I'll do some planks within the hour.

  2. I mean "win." Then I'll work on the spelling bee.