Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The most beautiful girl in the world

Plain to see (plain to see) she's the reason that God made a girl/bike.

I got a new bike which I will claim as the greatest bike ever made. It's a Surly crossxcheck, robin-egg blue, 105 components, with a brooks seat. And while riding it around in the 25 degree weather has been fun, I am much more looking forward to the 73 degree rides in the late Spring. Man are we great together - never has there been a better pair.

And note to anyone with even slightly questionable character - if you as much look at this bike wrong, let alone steal it, I will end you. Hearts!


  1. Oh no you di'int!! I love your bike. You are right... She is a beauty!

  2. I stared at this picture for the longest time trying to figure out what was weird about it. Then I finally figured it out. That pic is inverted... like looking in the mirror, right? Or is your bike the only one in the world with the drivetrain on the left side?

    Anyway... awesome awesome awesome bike. Especially love the brooks saddle. It's very you.

  3. great catch a-ware! yes it is inverted, I took the picture with my computer camera. I'm glad you like it, that's important to me. and that wasn't sarcastic. Thanksgiving 2011?