Sunday, January 9, 2011


John and I and the frisbee kids started a futsal team to hold us over until Spring lets us get back to what we are good at, well kinda good at.

These are the Shugga Nuts

and it's deceiving because from this picture we look really serious/talented, but in reality, we are the worst in the league, by a long shot. Probably because most of the teammates had never touched a soccer ball before our first game. Our game on Tuesday ended in shouts of jubilation, and tears of joy because we held our opponents under double digits of scoring against us- a huge feat for the Shug Nuts. While Hassen was shaking our competitors hands he told them that we basically won, which I don't think they really understood. And while most of our games end 4-16, we always clearly have the most fun and always cheer the loudest. Our last game is on Tuesday and I'm pretty sad about it. Anything is a great time when you get to be competitive and a little aggressive. Plus, I love this team - I love people who are up for anything and show up for everything. Play soccer at 10pm in the park in the middle of December? Yeah we'll be there! Anyway, come to our last game and cheer on the greatest team in Salt Lake, coed, low division, futsal history.

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