Friday, April 1, 2011


So it's been a somewhat non-committal tradition to escape the tired cold of February or March and head down to Death Valley to see my sister and her in-laws. People always seem to be confused when I express my love for Death Valley and maybe that would be understandable if I was talking about an August Death Valley and not a perfect spring escape Death Valley. Anyway, we went down last weekend and met up with my fam and and the others for some much needed sun. John, my bros, and I headed down to what i like to call a more aptly named sports camp since that really is the intention of this "camping trip." With 80 degrees and ZERO wind (how terrible is wind? it ruins everything) it was perfect weather for playing volleyball, tennis, riding bikes, laying by the pool, and playing ultimate pool frisbee (PS, playing this game in the deep-end is a freaking joke, it's the new workout of the century). Needless to say the trip ruled and it was great spending time with the fam. I think we are all fully recommitted to this tradition.
Note: I'm terrible at taking pictures, I never think of it and when i do I hate interrupting the moment to take them even though i always regret it. I also married a guy who is worse than me so this is all we have. Wah Wah.

John and I just after our big doubles victory. I was super annoyed with John during the match so I don't know how we pulled off a win.

We road our bikes to the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere. So that's pretty cool.

and here's a dumb unintentional 'belly shot' for all you stupids who keep asking to see pictures of my enlarged size (which yeah, i think is weird.) and yes, i wore the same thing the whole weekend.

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  1. Remember how your 20 weeks pregnant looks like most of us after a full lunch?

    And considering you wrote this post mere hours after I asked about a belly shot, I guess I'm a Stupid. But whatever. Will worth it.

    Also. It's barely April. How are you so tan?