Monday, April 4, 2011


It's official. Our little "it" is now a she. it was so interesting driving over for our ultrasound of all ultrasounds - we were both so nervous. No surprise that I was nervous, since a casual frisbee game gets my nerves in a big messy ball but seeing John more nervous than our wedding day was so fun. I've never seen him like that and man I loved it. Don't ask us why we were nervous cause neither of us can really explain it but we were light-headed and dizzy with anticipation. Watching the monitor as the doctor showed us what was what is such a cool thing - don't get me wrong, it's totally science fiction weird, but also really pretty awesome. John and I made this little girl and now my body is allowing her to grow. Getting to see these little glimpses of her obviously makes this whole thing a little more real and I'm actually starting to be excited about it which has taken me about 4.5 months to say but I'm getting there. I feel pretty lucky to have had an easy pregnancy thus far. The first couple months were emotion and I felt annoyingly nauseous but definitely nothing unbearable. And now I feel 100% fine except it's hard watching your body mutate into something a little less desirable but not really believing it's because of a child growing inside of you. I think I just needed the pictures to prove it making that pill much easier to swallow. Little girl is healthy which is the whole point here. All in all, in the words of Miley Cyrus "it's pretty kewl."


  1. She looks like she is going to be as cute as her cousins!

    From your description of Johnny boy I wonder if he will be a fainting Dad during delivery. Not from the delivery itself just from the pure excitement. Only time will tell.

  2. Look at that cute little thing!!! I think she has your profile. All those times I said I thought you were having a boy, I acutally meant I thought you were going to have a girl. Congratulations!!! She's going to be an Olympian swimmer by the age of 8. Lolita!

  3. I'm proud to say that I ACTUALLY shed one lone tear as I read this. Maybe I hadn't really thought about the act of having a baby like I did just now. I'm excited for you.

  4. i'll be the first to complain about the rigors and reality of parenthood, but forget all of that. because it's truly the best thing EVER. unparalleled awesomeness. and i am so freaking excited for you guys. and have fun on that babymoon!

    p.s. i was sure it was a boy, too.