Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear baby...part deux,

Hahahaha, alright baby. I get it. Jokes on me. You are clearly getting back at me for my devastating, woe is me, the world is ending outlook on this whole pregnancy when the news of you was confirmed. Baby 1, Krista 0. And I know I have even said that I wouldn't mind being pregnant for a couple years instead of actually having you around since that sounded easier. I wasn't serious baby. You need to learn that sarcasm is the only way we communicate in this family. But baby, 16 days is a little extreme when it comes to making a point. Everyone is pretty anxious for you to come and we are starting to get a littttttle nervous everyday you make us wait. I hope this dramatic entry you are trying to make isn't indicative of a dramatic personality to come (which will obviously be evident of your father's genes that you have acquired). Baby, we're ready - we even packed our bags last night. We really want you here. Really. Please come today.

Your very patient mother.

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