Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lola Jane aka Baby.

Baby. is. here. And she didn't exactly come how we expected - it was longer and harder and more wonderful and emotional than I expected. No need for the bloody details but I will say, I couldn't have ever prepared myself for the moment she popped out of my bod. I guess I thought it would have been more like a slow crawl out - a little bit at a time, but I guess when you have spent an extra 17 days crammed someone else body, you don't slowly crawl out. You jump. It was like a jack-in-the-box. She sprung out and it made me scream and then bawl. There is nothing like that moment. And then to have them hand her to me and snuggle her up to my chest...unreal. And now little baby has made herself comfortable in our downtown digs. We haven't been able to call her Lola yet - we've been calling her baby for the last 9 months so it's a difficult transition to refer to her as something different. We'll see how long this lasts - could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. We love baby. And all her red, mullet hair.

Right after baby was born

Little red

Post bath shot

Baby loves to sleep


  1. yay for baby! i want to see more pictures!!!

  2. Ahhh cute baby, soon I will be able to hold you.

    Aunt Cherie

  3. Mig Ayesa would be proud.


  4. Congratulations! She is so little and cute. So so happy for you. I know you won't ask, but I would LOVE it if you did ask me to watch the little babelet while you are in C-town. Take care. Take it ALL in!

  5. Krista, she's beeeautiful! So so happy for you guys :) and happy to have stumbled upon your blog a while ago...

    Isn't it weird how a tiny little person can make your insides turn to mush? And BABY TALK!? Now that's a whole 'nother weird phenomenon! But, man, I love it...and hope you're enjoying every minute.