Monday, December 26, 2011

We were on a boat.

I thought after I had a kid, my blogging skills would greatly improve. Documenting someone else's life might make me feel a little less awkward about such a public display of the documentation process all together. But like most plans in my life, they fell by the wayside. Now with New Years coming up and a new running list of intentions, lets get this going while the enthusiasm is running hot since this fire will probably only burn for about 2 months if I'm lucky.

So after 2 weeks of sitting around the house, waiting to heal from baby ripping my body in half, I was starting to lose it a little. I was pretty helpless and frustrated and hating the recovery process (why didn't anyone tell me this part was 50 times worse than any part of the pregnancy? It's like mans greatest secret. Well words out ladies, a sore, fragile body, with major constipation, zero energy, being light-headed, engorged boobs, raw nipples, little sleep, and a leaking, night sweating body sucks. hard.). So when some friends invited us on a pretty much expense-less trip to Lake Powell, we decided to jump on it and take our 2 week old baby and introduce everyone to nights with a crying baby. Fun! The doctor said I couldn't even get in the water which sounded a little unbearable but I figured if we went, I could hold this trip over John's head and get a list of favors and loot out of it, cause that's really what marriage is about. bratty negotiations. er I mean, compromise. Anyway, it turned out to be a great trip and Lola did pretty well. I mean, all they do is sleep at this stage with just a touch of inconsolable crying so why not take a trip?

I recognize that this picture makes me look like a pretty negligent mother with my new born directly in the sunlight but I swear she was only outside for 5 minutes just to take these pictures. Plus, Lola realllly needed a tan.

It's crazy to look at these pictures and see how tiny she was. Especially compared to the little Jabba the Hut she is now. Baby's first trip - a slam dunk!

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