Monday, January 9, 2012

Road Trip. Part Solitude

During the month of November, we rented our place out to some strangers. Good idea? Probably not. Especially when we checked back in and found packs of cigarettes, stained sheets, and a dirty fat guy sleeping on our couch without any sheets. But it was an easy 1300 bones so we said what the H. So for the first week of November we rented a little condo up at Solitude. The first thing we did was have a Halloween party.

John and I were cat burglars and baby was our bag of moneys.

Our loot

A last minute addition to the party was a Halloween gift exchange which was awesome. so funny. Some of the highlights was Hassen getting the complete series of Twilight, a jumbo pack of pads, some old grapes, and some shredded cheese with cigarette butts in it.

How great is Tanner as Honest Abe? Kills me every time.

John and I also spent some time in the solitude hot tub (my first tubbing in almost a year? Pitiful).

We built a little cave for Lola so she could come along too. She can't wait to 'tub.

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