Thursday, April 8, 2010

So you like to travel ehhhh? WELL HAVE ALL THE TRAVEL IN THE WORLD!

Ya...that's about how it feels.  In the past week and in the coming 2 weeks (3 week span) I will have visited and actually stayed a night in:
  1. Baltimore
  2. Washington DC 
  3. Nashville
  4. Memphis
  5. Miami
  6. Orlando
  7. Tampa
  8. Portland
  9. Corvallis
  10. Hawaii
  11. Orange County
  12. LA
  13. Santa Barbara
  14. Salt Lake City...finally
I sure do like traveling...but holy hell. Actually...I can't really complain about going to Portland and getting married or going to Hawaii on my honeymoon.  But I can complain about the rest!

The only thing that is getting me through it I bet you think I'm going to say something really nice future wife...or...great airplane conversation. is neither.  Technology gets me through all this travel.  Whether it is work, gchat, facebook, pandora, espn, checking our gift registry, or plain old fashioned has been amazing having internet on the plane.  Notice how I didn't say blogging?  Well that is because this is the first time I am blogging on a plane...the jury is still out as to whether it gets me through the flight or not.

Sorry...I just got into a 30 minute long gchat conversation with like 8 people...I think I may be the greatest gchatter of all time.

Anyway...where was I?  Ah  So if having internet on the plane isn't enough...I decided to test something.  I logged onto the wifi with my phone...which was harder than it sounds.  Then I watched a movie while it streamed to my phone because it only works through the phone. will ever be the same again....then of course i gchatted through my phone on the plane...ridiculous!

Oh ya...and it doesnt hurt to get upgraded to first class either.


  1. DISCONTECT ALREADY and enjoy the Honeymoon!

  2. I know you aren't checking the Internet right now because you don't know how the Internet works, but just so you know, now that you guys are legit, you've just made it on our Warehouse blog roll.

    P.S. Your blog is really funny.