Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please Proceed to Hit with Car.

I'm not an angry person, but there are a select few in this world that make me day dream of hitting them with my car over and over again. Thieves. It's not a new topic to the blog because well, they are people that seem to invite themselves into my life on a regular basis. Remember when I got this beauty? You should, because it only happened a month and a half ago. Well I've traded the excitement of the bike for denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and no certainly not acceptance. The a-holes made off with my bike AND John's a week and a half ago and the incident continues boils my blood. So, if you happen to see a 2007 red Specialized Allez or a 2007 black OCR1 Giant being ridden by someone who looks completely worthless to society, please hit them with your car.
Many thanks,
The Malfattos.


  1. I can't believe this. I still just can't believe this... bang bang shoot em dead.

  2. I will run them over. No. Seriously. I'll do it!

  3. a-ware will run them over on his bike! that's how mad he is. no, really, though. that sucks so hard. now i not only wish you lived down here so you, us and the other malfattos can go biking together, i wish you had bikes so you could go biking at all. booooo!